We are a design studio as well as a production workshop with many years of experience.

Our headquarters are based on inspirational and unusual furniture and interior design elements as well as tailor-made designs for clients. Each project is carefully crafted after prior careful consultation with the customer so that one hundred percent of its requirements are met.The more unusual the idea, the better because our task is to meet the most unconventional projects. It is often said ironically that the paper will accept everything by insinuating the great gulf between the project on paper and the final materialized form of the project. U us designer and contractor is a single body so the project from The seed is carefully weighed simultaneously under the technological and visual account.

Our flagship product is a coffee table in the shape of a tape cassette SUPERTON 60 produced in Szczecin based on Chemitex-Wiskord at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s. The market has gained considerable recognition and media attention locally as well as throughout Poland as well as won customers abroad in our country in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. At present, the design of the multi-metamorphic table has been refined to perfection in terms of technology, the use of high-quality materials and visuals where as much detail has been added to make it an ideal reproduction of the original cassette.

The project is registered in the Office of the European Union Ds. Intellectual Property.