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The table is a wooden replica of a 10: 1 tape cassette. It is ideal for creating retro interiors as well as melody interiors or recording studios. It is designed for people who want to surround themselves with original flashy things. Its phenomenology consists of combining a very original form with functionality. The tabletop and other wooden elements of the table are pine / oak, stained stoneware and spray-painted polyurethane furniture lacquer. On the countertop there is a sheet of glass with graphics (white, black, red or individual design according to the customer's vision) with water technique. There is no right to peel off or distort. In addition, the glass is wrapped around a silicone faucet so that no spilled liquid gets underneath. The hairpin type beds are now very popular in furniture and are generally used for retro furniture. The rods are made of 14mm bar welding. And sanded / painted with anti-corrosion paint. The table has a compartment for a remote control or a newspaper.

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